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You know how much you hate recipe sites where you must scroll and scroll past photo after photo and ad after ad just to reach the recipe? I find it as annoying as you do, but it’s how bloggers earn money to support themselves and afford ingredients for recipe testing.

With my substack there’s no scrolling necessary. The recipe is front and center. Sort of like PBS says in its fundraisers: If you like your quality recipes without interruption, then consider supporting me with a $5 monthly ($60 for one year) paid subscription. Your money goes to buy the ingredients necessary for well-tested recipes, and any leftover helps me earn a living as a freelance writer—something that gets more challenging all the time.

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LAUNCH SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL: I’ll modernize an old family recipe for you, or transform a family favorite to make a suitable for various dietary needs (vegan, gluten-free, low/no-sugar).

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